Bản tin Fire TOEIC số 62: Language brings new vision

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Hello, dear students and readers of the Fire TOEIC newsletter,
The city is starting to get warmer, this is the right time for you to gather and hang out. But whatever you play, you also have to remember to practice TOEIC. Don’t wait too long, now let’s take a look at some hot news in the past week ^^.

fire toeic

Inspirational quote from this week’s Fire TOEIC newsletter

Today the “load” more motivated to learn the language with a quotation of Federico Fellini
“a different language is a different vision of life”
roughly translated:
“A new language is a new world”
Every language carries It is the soul and culture of the country to which it belongs. Not stopping there, language gives knowledge to those who possess it. Learning a new language is like knowing more about the culture and knowledge of a new country, which opens you up to a new perspective on life, culture and people.

Good question in this week’s Fire TOEIC newsletter

Let’s take a look at some good questions in this week’s Fire TOEIC newsletter.
1. —— understaffed and under tight budget, 911 centers are struggling to adequately provide emergency assistance to the citizens.
A. Yet
B. meanwhile
C. But
D. Although
Answers: B
A. No
B. While
C. But
D. Although
Translation: While a lack of human and subject to the limited budget, 911 are struggling to provide enough emergency assistance to the people.
2. Mr. Graves ——- employed by the same company in various capacities since 1988.
A. is
B. has
C. has been
D. could be
Answer: C
A. is
B. yes
C. has been
D. can
Translate: Mr. Graves has worked for the same company in various positions since 1988.
3. Because the annual budget report must be submitted ——- the end of the month, employees are busy calculating figures.
A. on
B. between
C. by
D. except
Answer: C
A. above
B. between
C. to
D. except
Translation: Since annual budget reports must be submitted by the end of the month, all The staff are all busy calculating the numbers.

fire toeic

You can refer  to the TOEIC Mock Exam practice exam format for the real exam.

Exam tips in this week’s newsletter

Exam tips are always the hottest part, right, everyone ^^. Today I will share with you a small tip to help you do the TOEIC part 3 test more effectively.
The test tip that aired today is: Learn how to manage your time while taking the test.
The tutorial will be broadcast in 30 seconds. In the meantime, you should not be absent-minded, but should read the question in advance to judge the content of the conversation.

After the end of a dialogue, the tape will continue reading 3 related questions. Break time between questions is 8s, add 1s to read questions. In total, candidates have about 27 seconds to answer questions for dialogue.
Do not spend too much time on a difficult question because it will skip and can’t remember information related to the other 2 incense.

You can see more at  All things you need to know in the TOEIC Part 3 test .

Vocabulary in this week’s Fire TOEIC newsletter

fire toeic

Today, let’s take a look at the vocabulary related to shopping with me
1. shopping mall (n): shopping mall
Ex : I often go to the shopping mall with my friend.
I often go to the mall with my friends
2. manager /ˈmænɪʤə/ (n): store manager
Ex : I need to see the manager to complain about the service.
I want to see the manager to complain about the service here.
3. bargain /ˈbɑːɡən/ (n): bargain
Ex : You may find the bargain on the Black Friday.
You might find bargains on Black Friday.
4. behavior /bɪˈheɪvjə(r)/ (n): behavior
Ex : I feel unpleasant about the behavior of the employees
I am not satisfied with the behavior of the staff here.
5. comfortable /ˈkʌmf(ə)təbl/ (a) comfortable
Ex : I will buy this comfortable dress.
I will buy this comfortable dress.
6. window shopping /ˈwɪndəʊ ʃɒpɪŋ/: go around
Ex : I always window shopping before buying anything.
I always look around before I buy something.
7. on a tight budget
Ex : We are on a tight budget, we need to consider carefully what to buy.
Our budget is quite tight, we need to carefully consider what we should buy.
8. cost an arm and a leg: very expensive
Ex : This Chanel bag cost me an arm and a leg.
This Chanel bag is very expensive.
9. pay in cash: pay in cash
Ex : You should avoid paying in cash in the COVID – 19 pandemic.
You should limit cash payments during the COVID-19 pandemic.
10. go on a spending spree: enjoy shopping
Ex : I am studying very hard so that I can go an a spending spree in the future.
I study hard so that I can shop to my heart’s content.

Above is some knowledge about the “genuine” TOEIC in the past week that the Fire TOEIC newsletter has compiled. FireEnglish hopes that this newsletter will give you more motivation in your TOEIC preparation process.

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